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Real Estate

  • Litigation over titles, leases and property use

  • Nuisance actions, and injunctive relief

  • Purchase or sale of real estate

  • Financing and refinancing

  • All commercial and residential agreements

  • Purchase or sale of condominiums and coops

  • All litigation regarding real estate in all courts

Enforcement of Judgment

  • Asset recovery, collection and satisfaction of judgment

  • Seizure of assets and injunctive relief

  • Prosecution of turnover proceedings


  • Arbitration before all Self-regulatory organizations

  • Litigation in all State and Federal Courts

  • Drafting of compensation agreements, employment  agreements and severance packages

  • Arbitration of disputes relating to employment and post termination employee disputes

  • Drafting of employment policy manuals

  • Litigation all customer disputes

  • Litigation of all member-to-member disputes

  • Litigation to confirm or vacate arbitration awards

  • Presentation of seminars to brokers regarding liability prevention

  • Representation in enforcement proceedings

Business Representation

- Drafting of contracts and corporate formation

- Strategic business relationship counselling

- Review of legal and effect business procedures

- Negotiation of business agreements

Commercial Litigation

  • Breach of contract

  • Breach of warranty

  • Sale of Goods/Services

  • Collection matters

  • Shareholder/Partner Disputes

  • Contractual disputes

  • Employment litigation (violation of restrictive covenant, discrimination, sexual harassment)

  • Claims against fiduciaries


  •  Zoning litigation

  • Liquor licenses

  • State and City licenses

  • Representation before administrative agencies

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